I was asked to come up with an online concept to show people they can enhance their lives by having more focus on the small (good) things around them. By being happy themselves they also help the people in their immediate surroundings.

The target group of the campaign are Dutch people aged 30+ with the greatest potential among women in the age category 45+. It is therefore important that the campaign fits in well with the wishes and needs of this target group.

I wrote the following core message for the campaign (in Dutch):

je vindt het in de kleine dingen.
Het begint bij jezelf,
en straalt af op je omgeving.
Ga op zoek naar je eigen geluk,
Wij helpen je op weg.

Social post concepts

The aim of the campaign was to get people to participate in a ‘happiness challenge’ in which they received 5 small assignments in 5 days to consciously work on their own happiness. For example, one of the assignments was to smile at 10 different people. The challenges were sent via newsletters to which people had subscribed through the campaign.

For the campaign I determined the look & feel for both the social and display messages. These all fit in with the campaign’s core message.

Animated look & feel for the campaign
Display banners storyboard

The successful campaign enabled Cordaid to increase their user database with potential charity donors in addition to a positive brand image.