I was asked to create appealing social ad templates for both LeasePlan’s Facebook and Instagram channels. The creatives needed to be dynamic to be able to handle the whole range of vehicles present in their data feeds. The ad templates are tailored for both prospecting and retargeting phases.

The concepts of the ad templates are focused on the following subjects: Branding (Prospecting phase), Discovery / diversity of vehicles and Price promise (Retargeting).

All templates are composited within the Smartly platform. They are fully scalable and customisable in terms of countries / translations, car models, background assets and USP’s.

LeasePlan Facebook & Instagram dynamic carousel templates
Facebook & Instagram dynamic carousel templates
LeasePlan Smartly template composition
Smartly carousel template composition

We have also piloted with Automated video templates. In the example below, the car, model and price are all extracted from the LeasePlan data feed before being composited and rendered within Smartly. The background animation was rendered beforehand and uploaded to the Smartly asset library. This way LeasePlan is able to serve a tailored video per user within the retargeting phase.

Automated video template
LeasePlan Smartly template editing
Template editing options in Smartly
LeasePlan dynamic post templates
Dynamic post templates
LeasePlan Retargeting Template
Retargeting Template